The Spin Doctor's Heart from babyconchie on 8tracks Radio.


The Spin Doctor’s Heart

An 8tracks Malcolm/Nicola Playlist by babyconchie. Cover Art by   Listen HERE.

Fic: On Preening (Malcolm/Nicola. Wingfic. NC-17. NSFW)


On Preening

themasterplanner / the-crazy-geek


Plot: Malcolm’s wings need cleaning and since Sam is away he’s roped Nicola into doing it for him. Of course, one thing so swiftly leads to another….


"How do these get so filthy, anyway? There cannot be this much dirt in the air."

"And like ye weren’t shaking concrete dust out of your fucking knickers when I had ye on the roof? London is a fucking filthy place, and I’m not a fucking dog, so stop patting my wing and just fucking brush it down."

Nicola took out the microfibre cleaning cloth and the bottle of wing oil, reading the instructions. This shouldn’t be that hard. It was like polishing silver.

"And ye have to make sure to fucking zip up the feathers too—" Malcolm gasped as she ran the cloth over the sensitive upper curve of the wing.

Nicola repeated the movement, stroking ever-so-lightly from the base of the enormous wing out toward the tip. Malcolm actually moaned, the sound throaty and incredibly sensual, and squirmed in his chair.


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"This is a bucket of shit. If someone throws shit at us, we throw shit back at them. We start a shit fight. We throw so much shit back at them that they can’t pick up shit, they can’t throw shit, they can’t do shit."

My Destiny from babyconchie on 8tracks Radio.


My Destiny

An 8tracks Malcolm/Nicola Playlist by babyconchie. Cover Art by   Listen HERE.


You guyz…

Last night I had a dream that there was a movie where Peter Capaldi played a super-smooth and competent con man and Rebecca Front played his mistress/partner-in-crime.

And then at the end,the long arm of the law came for him and then, Capaldi!Con Man made out with Rebecca (with serious tongue action !!! :D :D :D) partly to say goodbye to his girlfriend but mostly to conceal the fact that she was smuggling him a lockpick for his handcuffs.

And now I need all the Malcola AUs and/or Frapaldi dreamcasts even marginally connected to this idea: Bonnie and Clyde AU, Catch Me if You Can AU, Roaring 20s AU (you get the picture)