Drabble: Threesome. Malcolm/Nicola/Sam. (NSFW, Wingfic)


RIght, this one is something I wrote for my esteemed co-writer and long suffering editor and others while they were feeling a bit poorly and needed cheering up. It’s filthy as hell.

Premise: Malcolm and Sam have wings, Nicola comes over regularly for sexytimes. THERE IS NO PLOT THIS IS SMUT.

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every time themasterplanner gains a follower on tumblr, a scottish spin doctor gets his wings
"on a fucking wing and a fucking prayer" (co-authored by the-crazy-geek)


every time themasterplanner gains a follower on tumblr, a scottish spin doctor gets his wings

"on a fucking wing and a fucking prayer" (co-authored by the-crazy-geek)


You know what I suddenly have a crazy, cracky desire to see? Fanfics that involve Malcolm Tucker’s mother. I have no idea why. I just have this thought that she must either be the sweetest, most patient woman in the world, or a nightmarish force to be reckoned with. (Or both. She’d have to be to produce/raise/deal with a son like Malcolm.) And that would be really fun to read.

The smut’s all well and good, but I want to see potentially hilarious looks into personal lives. Especially since we know little more than fuck all about Malcolm’s personal life. So…someone, anyone, give me home life. Give me family background. Give me stories where Nicola or anyone else from DoSAC meets Malcolm’s mum. We’ve got one where Jamie meets her, but for some reason I REALLY want to see Nicola with her, mum to mum. (Or Sam. I’d imagine Sam gets on really well with her.)


effingmurrays asked:

Nicola Murray - 12, 18, 40


 12. Your character’s loved one of your choice said they’d be home at 6 pm. It’s now 8 pm and they still aren’t there.  

If we’re assuming said loved one is James Murray, she would probably just sigh frustratedly and curse his name under her breath, because she’s so used to him blowing her off by now. If, however, it was Malcolm, she would have left multiple and profane voice messages on his phone by this point, stopping only because his voicebox is now full. And if/when he finally does arrive, she would give him hell for making her wait and then they’d argue super passionately and the arguing would turn them on so they start making out. 

14. Your character has been working hard for two weeks straight, and its their first night off - without any responsibilities to take care of the next day, with nobody having announced themselves to drop by, basically: the evening is 100% theirs to unwind and relax. What do they do?

First, she would make sure her mobile is turned off. F**** DoSAC, f*** Malcolm; she is going to have some damned peace and quiet for once in her life even if she regrets it in the morning. Then, she’d pour herself a glass of white wine, grab a really trashy guilty-romance novel, and read/drink/soak in the bathtub for a solid hour before going to bed early. (Tomorrow will be hell and she just can’t face it on  only a few hour’s rest.)

40. How does the character feel about one-night stands?

Yet another source of embarrassment for her that she without fail regrets in the morning. (Especially when it’s with Malcolm as it usually is). 


You just know Nicola lies awake at night trying to figure out why her kids are such sarcastic little sods.  Where, she wonders, could they possibly have learned such behaviour?

But, really, though — and this is something we know , but Nicola couldn’t — is that Malcolm does actually have a lot of nerve talking about the size of anyone else’s chair considering the over-scaled monstrosity lurking in his office back in the good old days looking like something left over from the Death Star and where he could slump down and be perfectly relaxed and comfortable and happy:

But maybe that’s it?  Did someone tell him off about his chair — or even worse throw it away when his office moved — forcing him to switch to one where he had to sit up straight all the time — which certainly didn’t do his stress levels any good —

and he’s been holding on to this particular slow-burning resentment for years until poor Nicola — who just wants some damn lumbar support, why is that wrong? — finally gave him his chance to pass on the misery.

Power Play / Chapter 15 | Archive of Our Own


Chapter 15: Indiscretion

Indiscretions of things said and not said and done and not done.

So. It’s been a while. Sorry! 

Some life things have changed again, this year has been a great upheaval. I hope maybe I’ll come into some normalcy again soon, but oh! who am I kidding! the big news is that I’m making my return to provincial politics. I’ve apparently had enough of trying to live a normal life, working normal hours, I can’t stay away from my true love any longer.

So I’ll be helping my party in the run up to our September 22nd election as a Candidate Contact in our provincial office. The role means I’ll work directly with a handful of candidates, helping them organize their campaigns and train them in the martial arts of door knocking and talking constituents

Much exciting! Very importance!

So yes, I’ll still be ridiculously busy but there is nothing like living campaigns and politics to help inspire material.

Also, new swears. Sooooo much swearing.